Kitchen Table Conversations (Ebook)


Kitchen Table Conversations are conversations that enable people to develop a coherent mental framework for making sense of the major environmental and social issues of our time. People grasp the core principles of a life-affirming global culture, and understand the major drivers that must change in order to reverse human inputs to global warming and other looming civilization-threatening challenges.

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Having a mental framework to make sense of things equips people mentally and emotionally to support transformative leadership when it emerges, and to exert transformative leadership themselves within their sphere of influence.

Kitchen Table Conversations use physical markers to help people keep track of fairly complex conversations. People like them. The idea came from a former stage magician who became a corporate spruikster at trade shows. He observed that people like having physical objects to hang ideas onto.

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Free templates for making the markers are here. It takes an afternoon of cutting cardboard shapes and pasting labels to make them.


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