The Witness: Gateway to Self-Development (Paperback)


By Andrew Gaines

The Witness is the part of ourselves that can observe what we do mentally, physically and emotionally without judgment. By activating our Witness we move away from automatic reactions, and we can improve our performance in many areas. It helps with both creativity and emotional resilience.




The Witness is such a powerful tool that I wish that everybody were aware of it. So much misery is caused by operating unconsciously!

This book shows how you can introduce ‘The Witness’ to friends. It goes on to introduce a number of extremely powerful ways to make use of it.

Humanity is in an incredible period of cultural evolution. The fate of the world depends upon us evolving a life-affirming global culture, rather than continuing on our present course of ecological self-destruction. Developing our capacity to observe and sort out our emotional upsets (rather than taking them for granted) is an important part of becoming the kind of people who can create and enjoy a life-affirming culture.

So I encourage you to buy this book, use the tools for your own benefit, and when appropriate introduce them to other people. This is a novel and brilliantly important contribution to social change.


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