The magnitude of our ecological and social crisis calls us to respond in innovative ways. Please join an exploration of how we can ‘mass produce’ the conversations and thinking that will lead to transformative change.

Tuesday, May 12
7 PM Sydney time

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The article Catalysing Mass Commitment to Transformational Change provides an overview of the ground we will cover. In preparation you might critically review it. A more extended description is below.

This conversation is part of a larger movement to inspire mainstream commitment to transitioning to a life affirming culture at emergency speed.

(We will have a follow-up event, How to conduct conversations for transformational change 2 weeks later on May 26. You can register here.)

Full description

You may be concerned about current disastrous environmental trends. Always the question arises: But what can I do?

As individuals on our own we have very little influence on the great course of things. However, aligned towards a common overarching goal we can be hugely influential.

In this conversation we will explore the question:

How to stimulate on a mass scale the thinking that will get us on track to evolve a society that operates within planetary boundaries, and promotes the well-being of humans and other life forms?

In terms of the climate change/sustainability conversation, this is an odd question. It is about thinking, not messages.

I will introduce an innovative model for enabling ordinary people to think usefully about systemic change.

The problem to be solved – how to evolve a healthy culture – is massive. There is enormous scope for innovation, and we are interested in your ideas.

At the same time, hearteningly, there are a multitude of positive initiatives already underway, and we have huge resources.

This conversation is part of a larger movement to catalyse mainstream commitment to doing everything required to turn things around and transition to a life-affirming culture.

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